I had intended these shots as a blurb book and I keep telling myself that one day I will get around to it. As long as I keep telling myself that I figure it doesn’t quite qualify as a failure. I started the shopfront book as a purely photographic project but as I have visited and revisited these shops I became increasingly interested in their survival. Over the months, and years, I have rephotographed several shops that have ceased trading since I first started out on the project and others are obviously not finding life easy.

We must support our local small traders. Remember, if you don’t use your local shop you will almost certainly lose it. When that book’s done I’ll be sure to let you know!

UPDATE: Well I finally got of my backside and finished the book! You can see a preview here.

if you’re interested in film photography check out Filmwasters – a great resource of information and home to a friendly, talented bunch of photographers.

I am proud to work as a trustee for the Viewfinder Photography Gallery.

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